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Nursing Home Services

Milborne Port Pharmacy understands the unique needs of care homes and offers a range of services tailored to help you provide the best care for your patients. We have extensive experience working with care homes and prioritize flexibility and reliability.

We recognize that many nursing and residential homes struggle to find a pharmacy service that meets their needs. That’s why we have developed our care home pharmacy service, which can be customized to suit the specific requirements of your care home.

Flexible Deliveries

At Milborne Port Pharmacy, we collaborate with your teams to plan workloads and deliveries, ensuring the most efficient service possible. Monthly medications can be delivered four days before they are due, while acute medications are delivered either on the same day or the next day, depending on when the prescription reaches the pharmacy.

Audits & Compliance

We understand that you strive to provide the best care for your residents while meeting regulatory requirements. Our Care Homes Medicines Management service can assist you in meeting the demands of a busy care home. Care homes must demonstrate that they have the necessary processes in place to meet these demands, and we work with you to establish and maintain these standards.

Milborne Port Pharmacy partners with GP surgeries that support your care home, aiming to streamline processes and save time when assessing residents’ needs. By working closely with your team, we can determine the best medication system to support you, ensuring safe and effective medicines management in accordance with CQC Outcome 9, SCSWIS, CSSIW, or RQIA requirements.


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Training and compliance are crucial in any care home setting. Well-trained staff are more efficient, effective, and motivated to complete tasks promptly, allowing them to dedicate more time to residents. Ensuring and demonstrating compliance is essential for care homes to grow as businesses and enhance occupancy rates. That’s why our training courses are interactive, relevant, enjoyable, and capture individuals’ attention.

We offer face-to-face training sessions taught by fully qualified pharmacists who follow updated versions of the original PCT training guidelines, including medicines and legislation updates. Additionally, we provide eLearning options, allowing staff to learn at their own pace without taking time away from caregiving. eLearning is cost-effective and offers flexibility, ensuring organizations maintain a safe, competent, and legally compliant workforce.


MAR Solutions

All dispensed medicines, including urgent and out-of-hours supplies, are provided with pre-printed paper Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts or pre-populated electronic MARs with completed cycle times. Our MAR charts display known allergies and any relevant clinical notes. We also supply MAR charts for cream and patch administration.

We offer both paper-based MAR systems, taught through face-to-face training sessions following updated PCT guidelines, and eMAR solutions. Our eMAR solution replaces paper-based MARs and provides insights into medication ordering, management, waste/disposal, and ensures timely administration to those in need. This reduces medication errors, increases transparency through robust audit trails, and allows care home staff more time to provide direct resident care.


Monitored Dosage System

We offer various options for dispensing medicines at your care home, including single-item blistered rack systems, weekly dosette trays, Biodose dosage systems, or original packs. Together, we will determine which system best suits the needs of the patients in your care home.